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Concept of the Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is used for keeping pallets or items like that. The rack is made up of uprights, lateral and cantilevered structures which are fixed to the horizontal rails and uprights supported on the structural. The rails on the Heavy Duty Pallet Racking are in the mode of channels and have their lower edges. The rails are linked to the lateral structural by joints while these joints have a clamp plate. The clamp plate has a square body which fits between the legs of the channel and the square body has two flanges. The body is got in the channel covering the in turned edges. Two flanges of the clip cradle, the top part of the transverse structural and a bolt extends through the clip and the structural. As a result, this clip cradle not only holds the rails rigidly to the structural members  of the Heavy Duty Pallet Racking,but also holds the entire assembly in rigid relation. 蓝文资源库 蓝夫人摄影馆 蓝走走工作室 蓝颜设计室 蓝妮微视觉

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