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Steel Pallet with Paper Top Plate

A steel pallet which has a top plate can be easily exchanged and carried because of its light weight, and also can be manufactured on a large scale, thereby this pallet racking can reduce the cost of manufacture. We form the top plate in order to have a three layer structure of an upper corrugated board, a honeycomb panel, and a lower corrugated board.

This kind of steel pallet includes: a paper top plate in which a plurality of corrugated boards are stacked; an upper steel support plate supports a lower portion of the paper top plate; a plurality of rectangular steel column members bonded to the bottom surface of the upper steel support plate; and a lower steel support plate bonded to bottom surfaces of the column members. An upper corrugated board, a honeycomb panel and a lower corrugated board can be sequentially stacked owing to a structure of the paper top plate. What’s more, in this structure, the upper and lower corrugated boards use double wall corrugated boards.

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