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Pallet Racking Safety Tips

According to load capacity on each floor, pallet racking can be divided into three parts:
(1) Light duty racking: load capacity on every floor is not more than 300kg
(2) Medium duty racking: load capacity on every floor is 300-600kg
(3) Heavy duty pallet racking: is over 600kg

1. Anti-overload: the weight of goods on each shelf shall not exceed the maximum designed load.
2. Prevent Ultra Wide and Ultra High: shelf-storey, layer width has been restricted; the size of pallets and goods should be 100mm slightly smaller than the net space.
3. Anti-collision: forklift in the running, should be slight.
4. Anti-top-heavy: light goods should be placed high, the heavy one on the bottom.
5. Avoid non-standard platform board (pallet), with the bottom of chuan zi is the most preferable.
6. The operators try not to go directly to the bottom shelf, when there are goods on the shelf.

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