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Hengxin Rack is Aiming to High Quality and Seeking Development

Product quality is the living and developing base for an enterprise, especially for a pallet racking manufacturing enterprise. There used to be many rack collapse accidents, all of which are written in blood. These years, aiming at improving product quality and seeking development, Hengxin Rack has made a series of innovation in its product quality, manufacturing, and got remarkable achievement.  
Quality pursuing should be guided by the needs of customers.

Usually people just think that if the product coming to the testing platform from the production-line is tested well, it means the quality is no problem, While with the more and more furious competition of this industry, only paying attention to the percent of pass when the product leaves factory cannot fully meet the requirements of the customer. Hengxin believes that the object of quality aiming should move forward to assure that all the pallet racking leaving factory bring no trouble to the customers.

Since our racks are all custom-made, so we need to know our customer’s requirements very clearly, for instance, if one customer is interested in purchasing heavy duty pallet racking, we need to know length, width, depth, load capacity normally, but we also ask him about the warehouse situation, for instinct if there is any basement below, after we get all the information, we could give him a drawing according to his requirements for confirmation. All what we do is to assure that our pallet racking are safe and practical for our customers.

Execution is the base of quality safeguard.

It is said, “Institution is easy to constitute, while to carry it out is difficult.” The effect is deemed to fall short if there is only institution, system and methodology, while not strong execution.

Hengxin Rack forms its own regular meeting system so as to carry out this methodology to each related department of production, management and administration and to implement it better. The system will analyze the data and information automatically once the manager input the unqualified information. Then according to the analyzed result, all people have a public discussion, aiming to find the quality problem scientifically and quickly, and to speed the solution of the problem during the rolling process of the information.

Moreover Hengxin Rack further tamps the execution from four aspects: First, consummate quality managing system, safeguard the effective running of quality system from the flow. Second, adopts fault defending technology and Stat. process control in manufacturing process, quickly ameliorates the problems in the manufacturing process through fault defending, so as to improve assembly ability. Third, fully exercise quality information managing system, shorten the flow and time of manual info transfer through system, and track the problem till solution. Four, guarantee the product quality by improving the quality consciousness of the staff, holding the train of quality tool, promoting the participation of all people in quality, etc.

Just as Mr. Yang manager of factory said, good quality of heavy duty pallet racking is from manufacturing but not testing. There is still unqualified product even with better test. The product quality can be wholly improved only through enhancing the manufacturing process inspection, forming quality managing industry link with the tenet of customer’s contentment and aim of quality improvement.

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